Supply-chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supplier Evaluation

Database for qualified suppliers, monitoring of supplier’s previous performances, production capacity and available shop space, labor resources and China specific information. Provide supplier surveillance and audit their safety, quality and management systems, contract performance capability.

Commercial Negotiation

Win-win strategy for both customer and supplier balancing price, reliable quality, appropriate lead time, and lower risks.

Project Management

Project management system was developed by Sino-Pacific Supply Chain Co., Ltd, fabrication information and data timely collected for monitoring, precaution and risk mitigation.

Quality Assurance

Experienced QA team and access to qualified inspectors are arranged on each project to ensure quality conformity and safety adherence are achieved.

Progress Management

Experienced expediting team to monitor project progress and performance, and negotiate solutions as necessary.

Logistics & shipping

Logistics strategy designed according to product and schedule requirements. Sino Pacific Supply Chain Co., Ltd has strategic partnership with various shipping companies such as the production feature, Strategy partnership with shipping companies such as AAL and Spliethoff.